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Education Projects

education projects

Glendale Voices

This project began three years ago to better understand the experience of students bussed from their neighborhoods on the westside to attend East High School. Data are now informing the  SLC Education Collective  community school initiatives .To better understand educational equity issues in the Salt Lake Valley, students are currently interviewing parent focus groups regarding their experience and their children's experience in a diversified secondary school.

Cachelin, A., Christian, P., Goeckeritz, K. (2022). Glendale Voices: Understanding Student Perspectives on the High School Experience. SPARC Environmental Justice Lab, Salt Lake City, UT.

Community Learning Centers (CLCs)

 CLCs play an important role in advancing equity across the country and in our own community.  At a national level CLCS are designed to provide academic enrichment opportunities, particularly for students who attend high-poverty and/or low-performing schools. Here we explore how our local CLCs are experienced by active community members.


Last Updated: 2/22/24