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Publications, Presentations, & Related Programs

In keeping with best practices in community-based research, the SPARC EJ Lab creates both public and academic presentations and publications. SPARC also contributes directly to community programs and exhibits that are a result of collaborative research.


Community Outreach Publications:

Cachelin, A., Tabak, S. (2024). Urban Food Forest Initiatives: A Resource Guide for Planters and Planners. SPARC Environmental Justice Lab. Salt Lake City, UT.

Pontuti, T., Magargal, K., Cachelin, A. (2023). Healthy Corner Stores for East Central Ogden: Exploring barriers and opportunities to increase food diversity. SPARC Environmental Justice Lab. Salt Lake City, UT 

Barcos, J., Bickner, K., Critchley, K. Dígale, C. Paulson-Luna, D. Solar Justice In Puerto Rico: An Annotated Bibliography, SPARC Environmental Justice Lab, Salt Lake City, UT.
Christian, L., Mullen, C. & Grineski, S. (2022). Utilizing feedback from Utah Families with Asthmatic Children to Mitigate Air Pollution Health Consequences. Honors Theses Open Access at the J. Willard Marriott Digital Library.
Mendoza, D. Christian, L. & Cachelin, A. (in preparation). Understanding pollutants and air filter replacement practices in high exposure areas in Salt Lake City.

Cachelin, A., Joyner, L., Saifee, Z. (2022). Urban Agriculture on the Jordan River. An Analysis of the Og-Woi People's Garden and Orchard in the Context of Salt Lake City and County Planning. Project report prepared for The Og-Woi People's Garden and Orchard. SPARC Environmental Justice Lab, Salt Lake City, UT.

Cachelin, A., Christian, P., Goeckeritz, K. (2022). Glendale Voices: Understanding Student Perspectives on the High School Experience. SPARC Environmental Justice Lab, Salt Lake City, UT.

Joyner, L., Cachelin, A.,Yagüe, B. (2022). Increasing Food Sovereignty: Insights from Salt Lake City Farmers and Food Advocates. Research summary and report prepared for SPARC Environmental Justice Lab, Salt Lake City, UT.

Kate Magargal, Jonah Yellowman, Gavin Noyes, Brian Codding, (2022). "Haa’jiih k’ó’?: A summary of firewood research findings and recommendations." SPARC Environmental Justice Lab, Salt Lake City, UT.

Hernandez, N., Endres, D. (2020) Air Justice: Bringing Equity, Democracy, and Participation to the Air Quality Conversation. Utah Museum of Fine Arts, ACME Initiative, Salt Lake City, UT.

Yagüe, B., Joyner, L., Cachelin, A., Lackey, Q., Unruh, S., Maack, L., Wason, P.  (2020). Urban Farms and Food Access in the Glendale Community. Project report prepared for Backyard Urban Gardens, SPARC Environmental Justice Lab, Salt Lake City, UT.

Cachelin, A. (Ed.). (2015). Savor: Stories of Community, Culture, & Food. Salt Lake Education Foundation. Salt Lake City, UT.
*Note: Above link is an excerpt, not entire publication 

Peer Reviewed Publications:

Joyner, L., Yagüe, B., & Cachelin, A. (2023). Promoting food systems paradigm shifts through critical reflexivity: Exploring interviews as Intervention. Social Sciences, 12(5), 280.

Kuttner, P., Antunes, A., Cachelin, A., Fitesemanu, L., Folau, M., Hart, S., & Salcedo, A. (2022). Establishing principles for community-based research: Story & power in the community research collaborative. Metropolitan Universities, 33(3), 52-68.
Joyner, L., Cachelin, A., Yagüe, B., Rose, J. (2022). Farms and gardens everywhere but not a bite to eat? A Critical Geographic Approach to Food Apartheid in Salt Lake City. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development
Mullen, C., Grineski, S., Collins, T., Xing, W., Whitaker, R., Sayahi, T., Becnel, T., Goffin, P., Gailardon, P., Meyer, M., Kelly, K. (2020). Patterns of distributive environmental inequity under different PM2.5 air pollution scenarios for Salt Lake County Public Schools. Environmental Research.
Mullen, C., Grineski, S. E., Collins, T. W., & Mendoza, D. L. (2020). Effects of PM2.5 on Third Grade Students’ Proficiency in Math and English Language Arts. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(18), 6931. MDPI AG. Retrieved from
Cachelin, A., and Nicolosi, E. (2020). Critical community-engaged pedagogies: Transforming the experience of environmental justice education. Environmental Education Research
Cachelin, A., (2020). Nourishing a sense of place: Refugee foodways in the New West. In Eliason, E., McNeill, L. & Edison, C. (Eds). This is the plate: Utah Food Traditions. University of Utah Press.
Cachelin, A., Ivkovich, L., Jensen. P., & Neild, M., (2019). Leveraging foodways for health and justice. Local Environment, 24(5) 417-427.
Rose, J. (2019). Unsheltered Homelessness in Urban Parks: Perspectives on Environment, Health, and Justice in Salt Lake City, Utah. Environmental Justice, 12.
Carter, D., & Cachelin, A., (2018). The consumer costs of food certification: A pilot study and research opportunities. Journal of Consumer Affairs
Cachelin, A., Rose, J., & Rumore, D. (2016) Leveraging place for critical sustainability education: The promise of participatory action research. Journal of Sustainability Education,  11-20.
Magargal, K., Yellowman, J.,  Morning Star Chee, S., Wabel, M., Macfarlan, S., Codding, B. (In press.) Human Ecology. Political ecology of energy sovereignty on Navajo Nation.
Magargal, K. Chee, S., Yellowman, J., Kurt Wilson, Simon Brewer, Brian Codding, Adrienne Cachelin. (In press.) Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. The impacts of climate change, energy policy, and traditional ecological practices on firewood availability for Diné (Navajo) People.


Community Presentations:

Kate Magargal, "Drought is diminishing firewood access for Navajo wood haulers," September 21, 2022.

Joyner, L., Yagüe, B., Cachelin, A. A Community-Based Approach to Food Equity & Local Food Systems. Utah Farmers Market Network Community of Practice. October 2021. 

Joyner, L., Yagüe, B., Cachelin, A. Resilience, Urban Farms, and COVID-19. Utah Department of Agriculture and Local Food Advisory Council. October 2020. 

Joyner, L., Yagüe, B., Cachelin, A. Towards Food Sovereignty in Salt Lake City. Slow Foods Utah Presentation. 2020.


Academic Presentations:

Nicolas Hernandez, “From Ambitious Policies to Burning Battery Banks: Diverse Rhetorics of Puerto Rican Energy Politics”, Conference on Communication and Environment, Harrisonburg, VA, June 2023

Anna Johnson, Piper Christian, Sarah Buening, Kate Magargal. Firewood and Indigenous Ecological Knowledge on Cedar Mesa, UT. University of Utah College of Social and Behavioral Science Student Research Day, Salt Lake City, UT. April 26, 2023.

Nicolas Hernandez, “Landscape of Puerto Rican Energy Politics”, ARSTM Preconference, National Communication Association Convention, New Orleans, LA, November 2022
Danielle Endres, Nicolas Hernandez, & Andrea Feldpausch-Parker, “Nuclear Energy In Puerto Rico: Implications for Energy Democracy,” National Communication Association Convention, New Orleans, LA, November 2022
Danielle Endres, “Nuclear Energy in Puerto Rico: Is It a Pathway to a Just, Equitable, and Democratic Energy Transition?” Tanner Humanities Center Work-In-Progress Talk, College of Humanities, University of Utah, February 24, 2022.

Cachelin, A., Joyner, L., Yagüe, B. Urban Farms, Resilience, and COVID-19: Towards Food Sovereignty in Salt Lake City. American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, April 2021. 

Joyner, L., Yagüe, B., Cachelin, A. Syndemics: Exploring Food apartheid and COVID-19 through community-informed praxis in Salt Lake City. American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, April 2021. 

Yagüe, B., Joyner, L., Cachelin, A. Urban Food Justice through Community Campus Partnerships: A Case Study in Salt Lake City’s Westside. Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. Spokane, WA. September 2019.

Nicolosi, E. Cachelin, A. The value of community-based research in critical environmental justice pedagogy and practice. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, April, 2018. 



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